What to Download to iPhone: PigShooter (Game) & Insomnia (Software)

Posted on March 12, 2008 
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PigShooter – shoot pigs at spacecraft.

pigshooter_iphone.jpgPigshooter is a funny game. You are being a pilot of a space cruiser which shoots… flying pigs. You ship is blue. The enemy ships are green and they attack the Earth. Don’t let aliens seize our planet! Standard guns are unable to stop them, so the only solution is pigs (when enemy ships contact pigs the armor cannot endure). In order to shoot press on the screen. And good luck, gunner soldier of a pig-shooting spacecraft. The sound of a flying pig is something incredible. At the beginning of the game be prepared for a sound surprise.

P.s. I hope Greenpeace will have nothing against the game. After all it is just a game.

Installing PisShooter:

  1. Open Installer on your iPhone
  2. If there is no reposition Ste Packaging on the list Sources, add a new reposition Ste Packaging: http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/, refresh Sources by pressing the button Refresh.
  3. Search for PigShooter in the category Games and install. The latrst version available at the moment – 0.3

Insomnia – permanent Internet-connection for iPhone

insomnia_iphone.jpgInsomnia allows to avoid a very inconvenient connection failure when the phone shifts to the sleep mode or keypad lock. It might be very useful for active chatters and ICQ and IRC-client fans. Even if the phone shifts to the sleep mode, you will still be able to react to an incoming message immediately. Press on Insomnia icon next to will appear a shortcut ON. In order to activate it press the icon once more.

Installing Insomnia

As there is no reposition with Insomnia (it is to appear in the category Utilities soon) you will have to install the application manually. You will have to install it through SSH in the folder Applications. Don’t forget to indicate the rights 0755. Insomnia is available HERE

What to Download to iPhone: Latest Applications

What to Download to iPhone: Latest Applications

Posted on March 12, 2008 
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Funiculus – tune your guitar with the help of iPhone

funiculus_iphone.jpgFuniculus helps tune any stringed instrument from a guitar to a banjo or even a violin. The application uses the inbuilt microphone on iPhone. The app analyses the played note and gives out the result of which string is to sound at the moment. The latest version of Funiculus features besides a standard tuner and advanced tuner where you can choose a musical instrument. The choice is extensive. Musicians, must have!

Installing Funiculus

  1. Open Installer on your iPhone
  2. If there is no reposition ModMyiFone.com on the list Sources, add a new reposition ModMyiFone.com: http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml, refresh Sources by pressing the button Refresh
  3. Search for Funiculus in the category Utilities and install. The latrst version available at the moment – 0.60.

Tris – another tetris clone for iPhone

tris_iphone.jpgTris is a tetris with the design good enough. The rules are the same – the figures fall, you rotate them and lay in piles. The game is controlled by rotating iPhone itself. Figures are rotated with fingers. In order to increase the speed of falling of a figure, double click on the screen. The application is a new one so there are a number of bags in it. In a traditional tetris, when you ignore a figure, it falls on the bottom of the “glass”, the next figure falls on it and it continues until the “glass” is full to the rims. In Tris, however, there is a bag that when the figure reaches the top of the glass the game doesn’t end. Another disadvantage is that it is very inconvenient to rotate figures. When you are done rotating it to the desired position you find out that it falls in a most undesired place.

Installing Tris

  1. Open installer on your iPhone
  2. If you don’t have ispazio.net reposition, in the Sources add it (ispazio.net: http://www.spaziocellulare.com/ispazio.xml). Refresh Sources by pressing Refresh button.
  3. Find Tris in the category iSpazio Games and install it. The latest version available at the moment is 0.4

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 3

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 3

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The main menu of Apple iPhone is represented by 2 groups of icons: 3×4 matrix plus a row of 4 icons beneath it. The interface features radio network signal indicator, GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi indicator, time, Blueetooth and power reserve indicator. Depending to the launched application the color of indicators can change in order to increase visibility.

Main menu elements (from left to right, from top to bottom)
3×4 matrix

The lower part

Launch of each application is accompanied by 3D-effects which can be chosen and set according to your own taste. Text applications automatically switch on screen keyboard. In comparison to Windows Mobile Apple keyboard is easy to use. It features only Latin alphabet and doesn’t support key combinations like Ctrl+C or Ctrl+A. Besides letter buttons the keyboard has Shift, BackSpace, Space and Enter buttons. When you work with a browser the lower row of buttons features only the buttons 123 and return plus the buttons @, “.”, .com and Go.

The keyboard will hardly be very convenient for big texts, it is much better to use Bluetooth-keyboard. The operation system doesn’t feature a task manager so if you press the main button the applications fold and when you access it again they are launched from the same position with the filled in data. All the free memory of the device can be used as operational memory.

The calendar supports 3 modes:

  1. List
  2. Today
  3. Calendar

To create a new event one has to press “+” icon. Besides the name of the even you can enter the venue, time, repetition. Each event can be accompanied by a text note. The service Maps works with American maps. Besides the analogues of Google Maps and Google Earth one can get information about transportation routes. Weather forecast is updated each time you connect to the Internet.

iphone_1.jpg iphone_2.jpg iphone_3.jpg

Clock includes 4 programs:

  1. World time
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Stopwatch
  4. Timer

The calculator is nothing out of ordinary – just an average calculator with memory.

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 2

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 2

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The first thing that one notices is a brilliant sensor display and almost total absence of any control buttons. On the facial side right under the display there is a single button which is used to go to the desktop (main menu). At the top of t he left side there is a slider for turning on/off vibromode and a volume button.

At the top of the device there is a lock and sleep mode button which at a long-duration pressing causes the device to shut down. Right beside the button there is a 3.5-mm socket for head-phones to which unfortunately not all the head-phones’ models can be connected as the socket is suppressed into the body.

 iphone.jpg iphone_2.jpg iphone_3.jpg

In the middle of the upper side of the device there is a socket for SIM cards. AT&T SIM card comes as default, and the device is linked to the network of this operator and at the moment iPhone doesn’t work with other operators.

In the lower side there is a socket for a charger, synchronization cable (which is the same with that of iPod). To the left and to the right of this socket one can see two groups of apertures. To the right is a microphone, to the left – the loud speaker of a speakerphone. There is nothing on the right side of the device.

In the back of iPhone there is an eye of a 2.0-megapixel camera. It should be stressed that there is no autofocus and a flash but any other settings – shooting is totally automatic. To my mind, it is totally predictable – what for to make things more complicated? All you do is press the button and get a photo, press once more and get one more shot. That’s it.

Everything is diabolically simple. A mirror icon of an apple is situated on in the middle of the back of the body.

The accumulator can be extracted from the device only using special tools. In order to do it you will have to open the body. By the way, the device has quite a powerful battery.




According to Apple the power reserve is 8 hours of talk and 250 hours of stand-by. If you want to use the phone as player, the battery will last over 24 hours which is an absolute record among the similar devices.

The “heart” of the smartphone is a Samsung processor (with around 620 MHz). At the moment it is one of the most powerful processors used in mobile phones.


As has been already mentioned the device works under OS X which was deprived of all the excess elements and adapted to work on a handset. Full download takes about 5 seconds. In a stand-by mode one can see desktop wallpaper and block icon. The phone can be activated by touching this very icon.

Now let me tell you a few facts about the peculiarities of the screen of iPhone. Firstly, iPhone is the first device that can identify simultaneous touch in several spots (Multi-Touch). This function is used for changing the scale of a document (touch the screen with two fingers and then pull them apart), and in games (for instance, in auto races where you can control a car with your fingers).

By the way, the display of the device recognizes only touch with the pads of one’s fingers, thus we assume that it is heat sensitive. One cannot use a stylus or a nail to control the device and continuous touching the screen inevitably leads to its dirtying. At the same time the visibility is not affected.
Another peculiar feature is a position sensor owing to which the smartphone automatically changes the orientation of the screen according to how it is positioned relative to the horizon. If the device is put on its side the images will automatically shift to the horizontal mode. Other pleasant details are an inbuilt photo sensor, which can manage the brightness of the display in the automatic mode. It can be switched off and set the brightness manually, for instance, in economy mode.

to be continued…

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 1

Short Books on iPhone: What Is it? Part 1

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PR campaign to promote the first phone undertaking of the company Apple – iPhone – has started long before it was officially launched. iPhone can be easily called the record holder according to the number of rumors and various news in the Internet.


General Data

iPhone which I will call as a smartphone (its functionality isn’t enough to call the device a communicator, but still more than a phone) doesn’t need special introduction. It is quite known to anybody who is interested in:

  1. Mobile domain
  2. Visit the Internet at least once a week

The first rumors that Apple is working on its own phone leaked over the Internet in September 2005. Although, knowing marketing campaigns of Apple, one can assume that such information had been spread deliberately.

The rumor gradually accumulated information, the creepy stories were heated by intriguing statements by Apple representatives and new spy info. The mass media were full of contradictory information about a 12th icon which turned out to be a shortcut to launch YouTube.

The official debut of Apple iPhone took part June 29, 2007. At the moment the exclusive right to sell the device has only one company – the American operator AT&T. Despite the link with the only operator, the Chinese hackers have already found a key to iPhone and sell it twofold in Hong Kong.

Among the competitors of iPhone are HTC Touch, Sony Ericsson W960i. But at the same time these devices are quite different and to draw parallels between them would be irrelevant. Apple iPhone is the first smartphone that works under the operation system OS X which at the moments has no analogues.

At the moment three versions of iPhone are available – 4, 8 and 18 Gb.


Apple iPhone has classic monolithic design, though its size is slightly bigger than that of an average phone. The design of the device doesn’t allow sharp edges and corners – all of them are curved. As the material for the body chrome polycarbonate (the facial part) and aluminum are used. With all its durability the device has low weight (135 g) in comparison to its dimensions (115×61x11.6 mm)

to be continued…

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