iPhone Magic: New Shape for iPhone?

Posted on March 24, 2008 
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When talking about how Apple is gonna take over mobile phone industry, one of the things that are very rarely talked about, is iPhone form factor.

Apple is truly aimed at winning the world phone market and the factor that might help it immensely is iPhone form factor. What’s that? Look…the world has already seen hundreds of phones of various shapes and sizes. Some people prefer a clamshell or a slider than a phone of the traditional shape.

So iPhone has come up with a number of solutions:


This image is just a reproductions made by the description in Apple’s recent patent application. What does it mean? Well, it might mean that Apple IS working on a brand new iPhone successor, BUT with a twist in the tale!

The idea is the following: separate the screen and the sensitive touchpad. Then put the touch sensor array on a translucent (transparent) panel, make this panel touch sensitive on both sides - top and bottom and connect them with a hinge

When the screen is closed you see just an ordinary iPhone screen through a transparent touchpad. When the screen is open you get two parts: a multi-touch-active pad and a display proper. Moreover, when the screen is open the device can show the standard T9 keypad.

The trackpad can be sensitive on both the sides simultaneously. Thus you get three axes for action.

When the cover is closed the device works like iPod Touch

So do we really need these additions? Well… the new technology makes the device twice as small as it is now. Moreover, some people just like the shape of a clamshell so iPhone will be even more popular.

At the same time the shape of the new device is very similar to the new generation of iPhone Nano. Perhaps it is a brand new Nano! The same size of the device, but the size of the screen is two times bigger. Sounds great.


The recipe: you take a laptop, put all the working stuff behind the display and turn the bottom part into a transparent dual sided trackpad. iTab is ready.

When closed, it is a device with a multi-touch screen. When open – a standard laptop with the bottom end functioning as a keypad and the top one – as a screen.

What can we conclude? For instance, it is a common knowledge that quite a number of patents remain only on paper. Nevertheless some of them might become the next big thing!

[via unwiredview.com]

 Impact Policy by iPhone: Does it Really Dominate the Market?

Impact Policy by iPhone: Does it Really Dominate the Market? Part 1

Posted on March 24, 2008 
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iphone_5.jpgM:Metrics released a study earlier this week that makes big claims about the iPhone’s impact on the mobile market. It points to high percentage of iPhone users that are accessing mobile data such as search, browsing and mobile entertainment.

Recently M:Metrics has released the results of a new study on iPhone. What does that study reveal? Well, it claims that “85 percent of iPhone users browse the mobile Web; iPhone is top device for news and information accessed on mobile browser.” This “information” includes search, browsing and mobile entertainment.

Mark Donovan, senior analyst, M:Metrics, commented:

The iPhone has certainly delivered on its hype. Beyond a doubt, this device is compelling consumers to interact with the mobile Web, delivering off-the-charts usage from everything to text messaging to mobile video.

To my mind the study seems rather credible as the owners of the device belong to a segment that is mainly concentrated on Internet services besides the traditional use of iPhone as a mobile phone (for calling and text messaging).Moreover, don’t you think that such active Internet usage is somehow connected to that iPhone comes with unlimited data plans?

Donovan added:

This data indicates that the iPhone’s widgets are and effective means to drive mobile content consumption. Two featured widgets, YouTube and Google Maps are extremely popular among iPhone users: 30.4 percent accessed YouTube and 36 percent used Google Maps. In comparison, only one percent of all mobile subscribers accessed YouTube and 2.6 percent checked out Google Maps.

Here is the chart given by M:Metrics that shows the results of their study:

Mobile Content Consumption: iPhone, Smartphone and Total Market: January 2008

Any news or info via browser

iPhone – 84.8%
Smartphone – 58.2%
Market – 13.1%

Accessed web search

iPhone - 58.6%
Smartphone - 37.0%
Market - 6.1%

Watched mobile TV and/or video

iPhone - 30.9%
Smartphone - 14.2%
Market - 4.6%

Watched on-demand video or TV programming

iPhone - 20.9%
Smartphone - 7.0%
Market - 1.4%

Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog

iPhone - 49.7%
Smartphone - 19.4%
Market - 4.2%

Listened to music on mobile phone

iPhone - 74.1%
Smartphone - 27.9%
Market - 6.7%

Xbox 360 vs Apple iPhone: Which Gadget is Best?  

Flash on the iPhone is becoming reality. HDD vs Flash memory.

Posted on March 21, 2008 
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71879.jpg         All works will do Adobe Systems Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO). It has aleady begun with a media player for Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Why it will be Adobe?- you may ask. They have been partners for many years. Adobe’s Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen has confirmed that the company is going to set Flash memory to the iPhone, reports The Wallstreet Journal:

“We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone,” Narayen said. “We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves.”

Maybe it is because the company is always blamed for using HDD instead of flash memory.

Apple replied that desktop plugin for Flash wouldn’t run well on the iPhone. Who is right we will see after a new iPhone 2.0 appears.

                                                   Is it good or bad?

For flash memory
1. Battery life. A hard drive needs more energy. Remember that the screen in iPhone is big and it also requires more power. What will you do when your battery is suddenly low and you are waiting for a call?
  2. Flash memory is smaller in size. Mind the iPod Nano. It is much lighter and smaller than iPod video. So I think it will be the same with the iPhones.
3. Some people say that it is faster than a hard drive, but it is an issue question. So the iPhone can work smoother with multiple-apps running.

1. The price will be higher. 4G is 500$ and 8G is about 600$. Why should you overpay? iPhone already has memory more than 4G.
2. A 30gr hard drive is not heavier than a flash would be.
3. I have never had any problems with Toshiba hard drive on iPod.

So flash memory on the iPhone 2.0 maks a lot of sense.

Xbox 360 vs Apple iPhone: Which Gadget is Best?

Posted on March 19, 2008 
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The other day I ran across an interesting inquiry at Yahoo! Answers. Here you are:

Should I get Xbox 360 or iPod touch for my birthday ? I am tempted to get the 360 because I’ve been told iPhone runs out of battery quite fast, + everyone’s been tellin me to get the 360. If I did get 360 I would get the xbox 360 elite but I don’t understand much what is different from the elite to premium except the bigger harddrive.In fact, I would say that the devices are quite different in their purposes and goals. A 360 is a game set with a number of options, while iPhone is still a phone! If you need a portable device then it is obvious that your choice is iPhone (if you consider between only tow options like Xbox and iPhone). I don’t think that will sound contradictive if I say that Xbox is of no use when you are out! At the same time Xbox is much more functional at home! There are many things you can do with the help of the device and you don’t have to torture yourself using a touchpad and a small screen.


I suppose if the price is not the criterion to judge by then the purpose is the one to take into consideration.

Another thing is the difference in Xbox packages. Studying Wikipedia.org I’ve come across a peculiar chart that explained everything to me. Here you are:



  • In Production - Yes
  • Suggested retail price - US $449.99 / GB £259.99 / €369.99
  • Appearance - Matte black, chrome trim
  • Included storage - 120 GB HDD
  • Controller - Matte black wireless
  • Xbox 360 Headset - Yes, Matte black
  • Included HD video cables - HDMI 1.2 (HD)
  • HDMI ports - Component/Composite (HD/SD)
  • Xbox Live membership – Yes, 1 month Gold trial, Silver
  • Bundled games - Hexic HD


  • In Production - Yes
  • Suggested retail price - US $349.99 / GB £199.99 / €269.99
  • Appearance - Matte white, chrome trim
  • Included storage - 20 GB HDD
  • Controller - Matte white
  • Xbox 360 Headset - Matte white wireless
  • Included HD video cables – Yes (excluding Oceania and Mexico where a Media Remote is bundled instead) Component/Composite (HD/SD)
  • HDMI ports - Yes
  • Xbox Live membership - 1 month Gold trial, Silver
  • Bundled games - Hexic HD

So you see that the basic difference is the color and the amount of included storage and, of course, the price. Elite is $100 more but is has 100 Gb extra memory, so I would say that it is a good offer for $100.

That was my opinion. And what do people think about the dilemma? The question of the block was answered by 17 people. And how do you think split the results? An overwhelming win to Xbox 17-0! Can you believe it? With the worldwide domination of iPhone Xbox was considered a better birthday present.

And this answer was chosen the best:

Before i even read all your question I was thinkin you should get the Xbox 360 Elite. Its SSOO freakin awesome. The Elite has a 120 Gb Hardrive = more storage for you. It’s black, and it is built differently on the inside to help prevent hardware failure.

What is Chronic Toxicity caused by iPhone? A Myth or Reality

Read Books on iPhone. Get in tough with the world new literature

Posted on March 19, 2008 
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Why not to use iPhone as a portable reading device?

A new version of Books.app (iPhone eBook Reader) by Zach Brewster-Geisz has appeared. And it is said to be much better than the previous one. Now it is easier to read books on iPhone! Look at preferences below


If you want to use Books.app:



As you can see it will be suitable to read both in common white and dark screen.
TextOnPhone is free site where there is more over 30,000 books and novels made for iPhone. You can use a catalogue for easy search. If you have your own creations, it’s a great chance to spread them to other iPhone users.

Another pretty site ismanybooks.net with licensed texts. It also has a preset for download.

Enjoy new world-famous books on iPhone wherever you go!

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