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Posted on November 10, 2008 
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Mosquito Ringtone is one of the most innovative ring tone web sites. Mosquito Ring Tone was invented in the year of 2005 by the British inventor Howard Stapleton who thought up to create the web site to save the teenagers from doing nothing late in the streets. When Howard Stapleton’s child got interested in his father’s warehouse welding equipment sounds. They were awful. But at the same time they were unnoticeable. This put the start to the Mosquito project.

Find here the ultrasonic ringtones you need! The main product feature is that it has special ear-splitting 17.4KHz sound wave. But the most interesting fact is that it has the same sound to mosquito. That’s why the product is called Mosquito Ring Tone.

How does Mosquito operate?

It emits high-frequent tones that are outside the hearing of the adults. Its name is presbycusis and it comes into work after the age of 24. The human fail hearing some sounds, especially 18-20 khz. This failure gets worse year by year. So Howard Stapleton invented the repellent device for teenagers. The device is rich in options. You can switch, remote, get income calls, emit some sounds and so on.

How was Mosquito Ringtone born?

As it is known teenagers have ants in their pants. They always create something new. Thus a gifted teenage from Birmingham went into the heart of the laboratory process and put this project into the phone. They converted ultra sonic frequency into a cell phone ringtone that got the name “Teen Buzz”. Thus mosquito ringtone was born. is a website that offers a great variety of free ringtones to download. There you can go to the special area and test the ringtones in order to find the one you can hear.

To get the ringtone to your phone you should free some place in your cell memory card, then go to Mosquito Ringtones and download the tones to your cell device according to the cell manual instructions. You can also use Bluetooth and Infra-red wireless link. iPhones have a special way of downloading the ringtones - you can find the instructions on the web site.

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