Cell Phone Accessories: Top 10 Weird iPhone Accessories

Posted on April 15, 2008 
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If you are an owner of an iPhone you must have been totally keen on the device since you purchased it. I myself remember about it when I see the pretty and attractive design of mine.

Since the device was unveiled Apple has earned millions of dollars selling over 2.3 million iPhones.

But there is another indisputable fact – the market of iPhone accessories is flourishing as well. People are eager to upgrade their beloved gadgets in every possible way. There are widely known accessories as cases, holders, covers etc. But, in fact, there is quite a number of accessories that you might have not even heard of, although they can be even mover useful than the traditional ones.

The list is dedicated to these accessories. The ones that are not given much publicity to, but can be real assets in different kinds of situations. I will describe only some of them.

There is no point in describing all of them, as sometimes pictures speak better than words.

1. Mini Windshield Wipers for an iPhone


This accessory is geared for those sick and tired of screen smudges. The accessory works even simpler than you could imagine: you attach the windshield wipers to the touch screen and in a matter of seconds they will wipe off all the fingerprints on the display.

2.Black Shirts Edition Cases for iPhone


The cases in the shape of fashionable T-shirt can protect your iPhone from bumps and bruises. The collection is represented by 2 items:

The cases cost $29.99 each.

3. iPhone Microfiche Reader


4. iPhone Airbags Set


5. iLamp


6. iPhone Steering Wheel


7. iKeyboard and iMouse


8. iPhone Hot Tub Dock


9. iPhone Tether Kit


10. The iPhoney


ClearBoost Case: Making Downloads for iPhone Faster?

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